How to make a beach blackberry & peach cobbler smoothie

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Peel 1/2 a kiwi

Take 1 apricot

Slice it up!

Cut off tips and slice 3 strawberries

Take 2 peaches

Peel and slice them

Obtain exactly 6 raspberries

And exactly 12 blackberries

Cut in half a navel orange

Juice it with a lemon juicer to avoid frothiness and use half of that juice

Get 8 blueberries

6 grapes

1/2 of a Slice of pineapple

2/3 cup of mango yogurt (does not have to be Greek)

Prepare 1/2 a tbls of cinnamon

Prepare 1/2 a tbls of agave

Prepare a whole tbls of vanilla extract

Prepare a whole tbls of honey

Add 1 date

Finally a cup of ice to keep things cool!

Put all ingredients together in a blender


Sit back, relax and enjoy your "blackberry and peach at the beach" smoothie!

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