How to make homemade potato chips

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Let's jump on in... Get those potatoes peeled

Slice the potatoes very thin. If you have a mandolin slicer, you'll get more uniform chips, but I happen to like the little imperfections you get when doing it by hand.

I try to get my slices about a millimeter thick. {Be careful not to cut your fingers! It'll be hard to give these chips a big thumbs up if you don't have thumbs.}

When you're done slicing, place chips in a bowl full of water. This is going to help pull some of the starch out of the potato slices. Cover and let sit for a couple hours.

The water will turn a little brown, but that's totally normal. Get your handy dandy strainer and get rid of the water.

Run your fingers through the potato slices to help get the last bit of water out. I just put my strainer back in the empty bowl and do it over the bowl.

Heat your oil to about 285 F. I don't have a deep fryer, so I use a deep pan and a candy thermometer to gauge my temp.

Alright. 285(ish) F. We are ready to cook! Before you put anything into the oil make sure that the temp has stabilized. You don't want to start cooking and then realize the heat rose to 400 degrees.

Drop in one slice as a test. It'll cook for 5-8 minutes , but the timing isn't quite as important as the look of the chips.

Golden brown and perfectly crispy. Lookin' good!

For each batch, put in just enough so that the chips float in one good layer. You don't want to overcrowd the oil in each batch.

There is an audio cue that will help you realize when the chips are done. They fry pretty loud at first, and are done when they stop popping in the oil. This is the indication they're done cooking.

I take a baking pan, cover it in aluminum foil, and use a rack to help drain the oil. This one wasn't the best rack (the chips kept falling through), but it does the job.

Lay out the chips on the rack and get your seasoning salt ready. In my house, we use this stuff on just about everything. It is SOOOO good!

Salt your chips to your liking and let them sit while the next batch cooks. You can transfer them to a new dish before you bring the next batch to the rack.

And there you have it. I was forced to practice some self-control to not eat the entire bowl by myself, but go ahead and have a few.

Send me any ideas you have for a guide. And while you're here, check out my other guides. Enjoy!

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