How to make a healthy green smoothie

Juice 1 large orange and pour into the blender. I like to add the pulp for extra nutrients. You could also use any liquid like water, milk or any other juices.

Add the yogurt to the blender. I like to use Greek yogurt because doesn't have too much fat and has a lot of protein.

Now, add your greens. You can use any greens you like but my favorites are spinach and kale. Also, try to buy organic when buying your greens because they don't have any harmful pesticides on them :)

Now, add some frozen fruit. My personal favorites are strawberries, raspberries and mangoes!

Now, BLEND!!!!!!!!!!!!

Blend until it is the right consistency for you to drink. I don't have a powerful blender so it took me a long time.

Pour into a glass and enjoy! Makes enough for 2-3 people

Watch the video: Morning Glowing Skin Green Smoothie. Dr Mona Vand

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