How to parmesan crusted salmon

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Gather your ingredients to get started.

I prepped my asparagus first. I washed and trimmed the ends and sliced one half of my lemon. We will save the other half to enjoy with our fish.

Toss the asparagus in olive; just enough to coat. Then sprinkle with salt and pepper and place lemon slices on top. Roast in 400degree F. oven. About 5-6 minutes, if you like it a little browned.

In a all bowl, mix left over alfredo sauce (about 1/2cup) with Parmesan cheese.

Combine Panko bread crumbs and Parmesan cheese in another bowl.

Season your salmon with black pepper and just a tiny bit of salt. Sometimes I don't even use salt in this step because the sauce flavors the fish well. There is also enough salt in the Parmesan.

Spread your alfredo mixture evenly on top of the salmon.

Coat with Panko mixture. Bake in 375degree F. Oven until breadcrumbs are browned and the fish is flaky to the touch. You can turn on the broiler to get a nice crust (but be careful not to overcook)

Should look golden brown and delicious.

Dinner made easy! Enjoy.

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