How to make a sorting box for gerriann's cutting guides

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Cut your chipboard pieces as shown. Bottom: 5 X 7.5 inches, Long Sides: 2.5 X 7.5 inches (2), Short Sides 2.5 X 5 (2)

created your construction strips at least 1" wide and scored down the middle at 1/2". Add Scor-Tape on each side of strips.

Attach one side of the construction strips to the bottom of box on each side

Attach the chipboard sides of box to the bottom of the box with construction strips

Add small construction strips to the side chipboard pieces. Adhere all sides together to create a box with the construction strips on the inside of the box.

Add construction strips to cover the seams of the box on the outside of the box. Miter the corners.

Inside of box showing construction strips and outside stripes being added.

Add construction strips to the sides of the outside of the box as well.

Add construction strips to the top of the box to cover the chipboard edges.

See top of finished box.

for each of the 12 envelopes seal each envelope well.

add extra adhesive to the flap piece

once the envelope is sealed cut off 1/8" from the top of the envelope to create an opening

Using your Scoring Board- score at 1/4" on each of the non-cut sides.

Fold on the score lines and crease well.

make gussets by creating a valley fold with the envelopes original edge.

cut the corners at an angle on the 2 corners that are intact to make it easier to create the gussets.

Do this for all 12 envelopes

Add Scor-Tape to the top and bottom of each envelope to create an accordian for inside the box.

Attache the envelopes together making sure that the bottom is flush.

Completed accordion envelopes. Add to box and embellish as desired.

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