How to bake the bestcreme caramel and raspberry coulis

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Weigh out the 70g of sugar into a pan and heat until the sugar melts and goes brown yet us still runny

Place sugar on medium heat and stir with a wooden spoon

Get ramekins or large heat proof bowl or dish ready for the caramel

Meanwhile the sugar should be starting to melt

It should look like this when it's ready

Have the ramekins ready

Pour the caramel into the ramekins (don't worry this will go hard and the melt again later)

Beat the eggs, vanilla extract and 60g of sugar in a jug

Pour into a pan and heat gently adding the milk gradually (350ml) carful not to let it scramble KEEP STIRING

Should look like this when done (remember you are only warming it) and then pour into ramekins

Should look like this

Get a deep tray out and boil the kettle (we are making a water bath/Ban Marie)

Pour the boiling water into the tray and put the ramekins in and then put in the oven at 180 degrees for 35mins

For the coulis while the creme caramel is cooking _>

Put raspberries in a bowl and mash with a fork

Should look like this! And then add the 30ml hot water, followed by the 30g of sugar

If you dislike pips you can sift them out!

When the creme caramel is solid but still wobbly it is ready to come out of the oven and place on a wire rack

Leave to cool and then place into the fridge until cold

Get a knife to go around the edge of the creme caramel!

Put a plate on top of the ramekin and flip onto the plate and prise it out!

The caramel will be melted (which was on the bottom of the ramekin

Add a few raspberries and put the coulis on a dish on the side of the plate! ENJOY!

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