How to make aloo methi / purgi

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finely chop half a large onion

chop a bunch of potatoes, preferably new, into one inch cubes, boil for ten minutes max

peel your garlic

peel your ginger. I keep mine peeled and frozen.

add your onions to a tablespoon of veg oil in a non stick pan or wok, leave in a high heat for a few minutes to cook, then lower the heat.

grate in your ginger.


Crush in your garlic and mix.

Add in your cumin seeds. mix and simmer

add in your chilli powder and coriander powder. adjust according to your tolerance levels. mix.

chop a tomato. or if you are like me and can never find a proper tomato, chop five cherry tomatoes.

add, crush and mix. add some water to keep it moving

add your 2 tablespoons of dried fenugreek leaves, halve it if it's too much for you. it can be found in most asian stores. mix

add your drained potatoes, and half a cup of water. simmer on a low to medium heat for 25 mins.

chop up a few stalks worth of coriander and add to pan

finely chop 3 or less small green chillies, to taste. add to pan

simmer for another ten minutes, add a little water if needed. check if potatoes are cooked, then serve up with bread of choice.

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