How to make blueberry chia refrigerator jam

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3 cups fresh blueberries

The four ingredients

Add honey to blueberries in a small saucepan

Foamy and bursted blueberries

Add chia seeds and cook for 15 minutes

Cooking gently

After 15 minutes it is thick and jam like

Remove from heat and let cool

A mason jelly jar with lid and ring

Jam cooling and waiting for the vanilla, the last ingredient

Add vanilla and stir

Fill jelly jars and wipe rim with clean napkin or cloth

Two jars worth

Warm lids in hot water for 5 minutes to make a nice seal

Screw on lids lightly and put in the fridge

Never stack jars , always store one at a time - next to each other not on top of one another

You have just made an amazingly healthy jam, chock full of antioxidants, fiber and nutrition. Sweetened with honey and thickened with the natural pectin of chia seeds! Delicious!

This is a refrigerator jam. Not to be stored on the shelf - but in the fridge. Eat within a week or so. No problem! It will disappear. Eat for a healthy breakfast or snack, on toast or crackers.

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