How to create your own air plant holder

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You need these basics: Clear plastic cups or bowls (from a party supply store). Suction cup hooks (from a craft or hardware store). And filler like stones, loose tree bark, shells, sand, or sticks.

Any shape of container can work. This is a small artsy bowl and has a lot of openness for the plant to get air.

Drill a hole in the container for the hook. If it is a brittle plastic, drill gently and patiently until the hole forms. Do not force. I broke several until I figured this out.

Add stones, glass pieces, moss, shells, or sticks. Keep the container as light as possible for the suction cup to hold well.

Insert the suction cup into the hole. Fill the container with a small amount of filler and stick the suction cup on a solid surface such as a window or mirror. Top it with your plant.

Air plants have no roots, and they absorb water and nutrients through their leaves. Contrary to their common name, air plants DO NOT survive on air, they must be watered.

An air plant should be misted twice a week, and removed from their container and soaked in lukewarm filtered water each week, then air dried and put back in their container. Keep flowers above water.

Here I used a mirror to hang to, and I filled the containers with blue glass, rocks, and white crystal pieces. The plant just sits loosely on top.

There are so many choices for fillers and holders. Have fun choosing.

Watch the video: 5-Minute DIY Air Plant Holder Anyone Can Make


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