How to draw a face

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First, lightly draw an upside down egg...

Lightly draw a horizontal line that divides the egg in half crosswise

Draw another line dividing the egg down the center. (Remember to use a light hand, because these are just guidelines that we are going to be erasing later!)

Draw a small mark halfway between the midline and the bottom of the egg (this will be the bottom of the nose)

And another line, halfway between the line you just drew and the bottom of the egg. (This will be the parting of the lips)

Draw another line parallel to the eye level, about a third of the way from the eye level and the top of the egg (this is where the eyebrows will be)

Divide the eye level line into five equal sections.

Start adding your features!

Shading is a nice touch :)

Watch the video: How to draw a face for Beginners. EASY WAY TO DRAW A REALISTIC FACE

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