How to make macaroni cheese

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For our Main Meal I am making macaroni Cheese

Make sure you wash your hands before making this recipe.

The ingredients used was cheese, an egg, bacon, salt, pepper, milk, cooking spray, tomato sauce and Pennie Pasta.

The equipment we used was tongs, cooking spray, saucepan, pot and a colander.

Bring water to boiling point.

open up your pot lid.

Add in salt.

Then the pasta/macaroni

Stir continuously until the pasta bubbles.

Strain out the liquid in a sink.

Then you spray your tray,

before putting in your macaroni.

Start putting in the tomato sauce and mix it through with the macaroni.

Shred some cheese for sprinkling

Put in some butter over medium heat in a separate pan.

Then once butter has dissovled, put in the flour.

Stir continuously,

making sure it doesn't get too thick

then slowly add in milk.

Crack 2 eggs if serving for 4 or 1 egg for 2.

Beat them throughly.

Add Cheese to your macaroni mixture.

Then add the eggs into the macaroni and mix it together.

After that, Add your beginning mixture into the macaroni.

Weave your spatula from end to end when you mix it.

Add salt and pepper for extra flavour.

Sprinkle the shredded cheese.

Finally put the macaroni in the oven until its cooked.

This is my finished product.

The rating for this dish is 8.5 of 10


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