How to make a quick "chicken nugget" egg

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Peel a hard boiled egg. Kids love doing this!

Put mayo in one bowl & dried bread crumbs in another.

Roll hard boiled egg in mayo.

Roll hard boiled egg in bread crumbs.

Put oil in a frying pan.

Roll egg around hot oil until bread crumbs look toasty.

Put fried egg on a pretty leaf of cabbage or lettuce. You can be done here. If so, let cool, & eat!

If you love ketchup, you can use ketchup as a dip. If you have kids, let them make a smiley face! Here is Humpty Dumpty! ;)

My 5 year old LOVED this!!!

You can eat just the egg...

Or make a lettuce wrap! My kids prefer cabbage bc it maintains the cold & crunchy texture better.

Nom nom nom!


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