How to paint with watercolors

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Start with a normal face like this one...

Now start drawing under the right eyebrow..

Now do some pink color under the eye.

Now paint some pink next to the eye and make it like it's falling down.

Now do some orange next to the nose and make it like it's falling down too.

Now add some pink to the orange.

Now paint the mouth with pink but leave some white spots in it.

Now add some light blue to the sides of the mouth.

Now color the open of the mouth with a black pencil. Them make some little light great around the black dot in the eyes.

Now color around the green circles in the eyes with the blue color.

Now paint most of the eye with the light pink color. And paint the eyebrows with pink+light blue=purple!

Now paint the places that I painted with light pink!

Now paint the sides of the nose with light blue=purple!

Now paint the opens of the nose with the black pencil.

Now mix pink and light blue and paint them under the nose to make some shadow for the nose.

Now paint some yellow and green above the left eye.

And little bit under the eye

Now make some pink effect around it.

Mix some blue with it and make it go down.

Now mix pink and light blue for the eyebrow.

Add some pink effect next to the yellow on in the left eye "leave white space between them".

Now make some pink effect under the mouth. That's it!!! Hope you liked it please like and comment and ask anything you want.

Thats it!! So please like and comment, ask and request!!!️️

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