How to cook thai green chicken curry at home

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One onion, cut to pieces. ( the following portion is for 2-3 person meal. Simply add more ingredients, if you are serving more than 3 people)

One bell pepper, cut into pieces.

Some cauliflower, you can add whatever vegetable you like if you don't like cauliflower. Or not using them. I am also cooking a veggie one for my roommate, usually I just use onion and bell pepper.

Garlic, finely sliced. I couldn't find lemon grass in my super market. If you can find lemon grass, add them! I also forgot to weigh the lemons I picked earlier. Usually, you'll need lemons or limes.

I use a Thai curry set I found in the super market. It contains green curry paste, some coconut powder, Thai herbs and soy source. But if you don't have it. You can use the ones you can find easily.

Like this green curry paste!

One chicken breast, also cut into small pieces. For vegetarians, simply don't add meat, but more vegetables you like!

Heat the wok with high heat and 3 tbs olive oil.

Coco nut milk set aside for later. 2 cans are usually enough. I prepared 3 just in case.

Stir fly the curry paste when oil is heated.

Add veggies to stir fry till soft.

Add coconut milk and garlic slices to boil till boiling.

Add chicken.

Add Thai herb and soy source from curry set. If you don't have them add lemon grass and soy source you can find at home. When boiling, reduced the heat to low and simmer for 15-20 minutes!

Add Lemon or Lime juice before serve as last step! Now, you've got yourself a Thai green chicken curry. You can taste and add more curry or soy source to your taste while simmering. Be adventurous!

Serve with brown rice with green peas, onion and mushroom! Or just plain Thai rice!

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