How to make a cross out of a palm

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Hold the palm horizontally with the fat or bigger end to the left and the smaller (tapering) end to the right.

Take a little more than 1/2 length of the palm (the small side) and fold it up across the bigger part .

Next fold (the same part you just folded up) down and behind the larger part of the Palm.

Now fold (the same part that you just folded down) up so it looks like it did when you first folded it.

Now hold it by the middle and have the smaller tapering side pointing upwards and the bigger end pointing left.

Now fold down the small top end and push it through the front fold. Leave it at the length you want the top of the cross to be.

Next, fold the palm back up and under the flap. Leave the bottom your desired length.

Now you want to flip your cross over so it looks like the picture.

Fold the big end back to the left and under the little flap.

Now you can fold it back under the flap again so the arms are the desired length.

Now you can trim the extra pieces that stick out or you can fold them in. It takes practice so don't give up right away.

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