How to make dry rubbed bbq grilled pork tenderloin

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Gather ingredients.

Place all ingredients in a mixing bowl. *Except the pork loin, that's for the grill.

Blend together. Use now or store for later.

Store unused rub in a jar, plastic container or baggie.

This rub is perfect for slow roasting pork butt or shoulder and turning into pulled pork barbeque. Season grilled burgers or chicken. Roast potatoes with olive oil and this rub. Ribs too!! Delicious!

Prepare tenderloin, remove from packaging, drain, rinse and trim off any unnecessary fat. Take the pork, rub, cutting board, grill fork and tongs and anything else you need to prepare your grill.

Generously coat the loin with the dry smoked paprika rub.

Season well and cover the entire loin with the rub mixture.

Cover all sides of the loin.

Make sure that the entire loin is thoroughly coated. The pork can rest and absorb the wonderful flavors of the smoked paprika while you prepare the grill.

I grill using natural wood charcoal. I've prepared my chimney with charcoal and newspaper.

This is the kind of grill that I like to use, Lodge cast iron hibachi.

My out door grilling station.

The hot coals have been added to the grill. I've also oiled the grilling surface, and now wait several minutes for the cast iron cooking surface to get hot.

Another light dusting of BBQ rub before it hits the grill.

The loin has been placed on the hot grill. Leave it alone & untouched for 5 minutes before turning it. I've added sliced red potatoes to the grill too, they are also oiled and seasoned w/ BBQ dry rub

Turn the loin after 5 minutes. Grill the loin on all "4" sides for five minutes each (20 minutes). Turn potatoes. In this guide, the potatoes were done before the pork.

Continue grilling until an internal temperature reaches 145f. Remember to temp the thickest part of the loin.

Please keep in mind, time of cooking and grill temps vary depending on makes, models and styles. *You can use a gas grill to do this loin, I chose charcoal for this guide.

Juicy and tender! Great together with grilled potatoes and asparagus. This BBQ rub also goes great with chicken and other cuts of pork! Enjoy!

Thank you for taking the time to view my guide, "How to make Dry Rubbed BBQ Grilled Pork Tenderloin". Please take the time to check-out and like my other awesome guides. Enjoy!

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