How to cook spicy ma-po tofu

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I can only see this organic tofu at trader joe but I prefer Asian market kind silken tofu.

Cut it into small little cube, drain the water from tofu and set aside.

Since I have only ground beef, I use it instead of pork meat.

First fried garlic, ginger and meat. Then add the vinegar and rice wine.

Add 2 spoons of chili bean sauce and stir-fry until aromatic.

Add 1 cup of water.

Add tofu cube nicely, and stir gently cook it for 5 minutes.

Lower the heat, add the corn starch water.

Add the Sichuan peppercorn/powder and chopped green onion. Gently stir and blend well.

Dish out and serve hot! (This is cooking option 1.)

This is option 2. I used half of tofu and added mushroom in it. So far this 2 brand is my favorite compare to other brand of sauce and tofu.

Tada! This is good for 2-3 person with white rice or noodle.

Watch the video: Easy Mapo Tofu Recipe with Chicken, Cantonese style 麻婆豆腐鸡!

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