How to cook smoked beef in spicy turmeric coconut milk

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Prepare ingredients; soak belimbing buluh in water, boil eggs, cut the smoked beef thinly. Chilli: 0-1-mild; 3-5-moderate, 7-10-super hot!

This is belimbing buluh, a native cooking ingredient, super sour like a pickle. If soaked, can also act as a vege while simultaneously act as a souring agent. Lit trans: bamboo starfruit

The smoked beef. However this dish can be cooked with the usual beef/chicken/lamb/venison

We used instant coconut milk, u can use the real one, it'll be the thick milky juice extract from the flesh of 1/2 coconut flesh (use the hard one, soft is a nono..thats from young coconut)

Add the turmeric powder, chili, onion n galangal with about 1liter water (d pic is a lil too much water) (oh btw we didn't put galangal, still so good). Blend til smooth

Pour into the pot and start a slow fire. Skim off the froth at the top

Smash a lemongrass with the back of a chopper n put into the gravy mixture

Add in your meat, belimbing buluh in. U can sub with 2 calamansi lime juice or 1/4 lemon juice. If u want to add vege, zuchinni will be good. Simmer for 7-10mins. Add about 1-2tsp salt to taste

Carve surface of eggs so that the flavor will penetrate yummy! Add to the gravy

Add the coconut milk/cream and stir well. Simmer another 3-5mins at low fire. Close fire when gentle bubbles appear.

End result.Depending on the region, this dish can taste differently. So whats the taste? A balanced sourish savory creamy yet spicy (if add chillies). Must eat with rice.

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