How to sell secondhand furniture

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Choose the right selling platform. Sites such as Krrb and Furnishly promote local shopping, which helps eliminate expensive shipping fees that come along with large pieces of furniture.

Figure out the price. A few factors to consider: the condition, newness, whether it’s vintage, and the original price. You should also google your item and find out what it generally sells for.

You’ll want to include things in the content of your listing such as: color, size, weight, measurements, make, model, year and any flaws that there are with the piece.

Make sure your listing has an informative and catchy title so it grabs users attention. You don’t want your listing to get looked over. If your item is a designer piece, include the designer name.

It’s also very important for you to include quality photos of the item. The pictures are quite possibly the most important aspect, so try to make your item look as sellable as possible!

In order to ensure your listing appears credible; use correct spelling and make the post look professional. Lastly, respond promptly to all inquiries and you're sure to make a quick sale.

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