How to alter metal craft items

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To create a bronze finish you need a neutral color acrylic paint and mica powder.

To create the flowers used on the frame, use pliers to bend the petals into the desired shape. (Flowers are from Graphic 45.)

Paint a thin layer of acrylic paint over the metal. Work quickly as you do not want the paint to dry. You may want to allow some of the original metal to show through.

While the paint is still wet, dust mica powder over the paint. The powder will stick to the paint, giving a metal shimmer. Once the paint is dry, set the mica powder with a fixative.

Here is a close-up view of some of the flowers and a meal button, all altered with paint and mica powder. (To alter the mulberry paper flowers, mist with water, then dust on Mica Powder. )

Use the same process of paint and mica powder to alter the metal door plate and knob. To get the shine, I set the powder with a fixative. (Metal items are from Graphic 45.)

To "enamel" metal items, cover the item with paint or embossing ink. Sprinkle with embossing enamel or thick powder. You may also use several layers of regular embossing powder. Heat with heat tool.

Enamel the metal frame by using several layers of colored embossing powder, allowing it to clump in places. Heat between layers. (Be careful of HOT metal!)

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