How to make a healthy snack/dessert

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Gather supplies!I didn't take pictures of the first two steps sorry! Put a spoonful of peanut butter in a microwaveable glass with a squirt of honey!

Microwave for 15 seconds! While warming honey & PB, cut bananas! Stir PB & honey! Use spoon and spread on banana slices and sandwich them! Then pop into the freezer until firm!

Put chocolate in microwaveable dish! Mine is dark chocolate but you can use any kinds! (This is also the healthy version!)

Microwave chocolate in intervals of 30 seconds!! It took about two intervals for chocolate to be melted! Stir in between intervals!

Melted chocolate!

I was going to dip them but it would get stuck so I spooned the chocolate on top of each sandwhich!! And then I put back into freezer until stiff again!!

Finished product! . Enjoy guilt free!!

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