How to play a easy song song on guitar..sound like a pro

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Lets call this step "LOL" done two times (x2)

I cant play anything but this song on guitar,and I've learned it in 5 min.

First thing you do is find the dot on the guitar...It should be on the fith "opening"(thread).

Then you hold the bottom string on the fith thread.

Now you pluck both the bottom and top string at the same time (while holding the 5th thread.)

Then you pluck the second string from the bottom (While holding down 5th thread)

Then you pluck the 3'rd string from the bottom (While holding down 5th thread)

Now you go two threads left from 5th tread on bottom string..

Now you pluck 1-2-3 string from the bottom..(x2)

Go 2 threads left from previous position.

Now you pluck 1-2-3 string from the bottom..(x2)

Now you go one last thread left

Both botto and top string

Second string from bottom

3'rd string from bottom

10'th thread and do an "LOL"

Go one tread right... And do LOL

Go one more left ....and do LOL

Go left until your back at the 5th thread...REPEAT IT NOW AS LONG AS YOU WANT...try faster...😃makes you look even more like a pro!

Please like my guide.

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