How to make tea facial mask/wipes

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Black teas' high caffeine content helps to increase blood circulation, helping with discoloration, puffy eyes, or a pick-me-up. Great blends to try: Creme of Earl Grey, Blueberry Jam, & Brazillionaire

Green teas have a milder effect, great for relaxing. Get spa-like scents from Kokomo Green, North African Mint, and Splash!; all black and green teas available from DAVIDsTEA.

Pick your 'spa Tea-of-the-Day' and spoon some of that loveliness into a teabag or steeper: 2 Perfect Spoons should do.

Warm about a 1/2 cup of distilled water, and pour into a tall bowl (matcha bowls are perfect!). Add your tea (Merry Cranberry, pictured), and steep 5-7min. Add your honey or oils now (optional).

Choose-your-own-adventure time!! At this point you can continue on to step 6, or chill your tea-infused water in the fridge. (Hint: Need a wake up? Keep it warm! Wind down? Have a cold one!)

Call your kids/roomates/dogs over, and drop your compressed towls into your tea-infused water. The grown-up version of those magic growing dollar-store toys! Let sit for about 2 min, or until grown.

Your wipes are done! For a quick pick-me-up or cool down, just wipe over your face. For the royal treatment, place wipe over your face for 5min, then rub in extra moisture to let skin drink it up!

Wipes can be covered and kept in the fridge until you next need them. To warm again, heat in a microwave for a few seconds, or heat over the stove, in a bain-marie! Enjoy!

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