How to make potato stamps

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Okay so first, a potato, of course.

Wash dat.


Slice a thin piece off to get to the flesh.

Now, press a cookie cutter into the flesh. ️

Then trim off about 1-2cm of potato like this.

Okay. See how more of the cookie cutter can be seen now? Slice it off but don't cut the whole cookie cutter off too, cut around the cookie cutter, this makes the shape 3D

Use your knife to trim and scrape off the little extras

Pull the cookie cutter off

Yes, pull it off.

Done !

I cut off the back of the potato for this shape.

I made this one differently...I cut all of the back off while leaving a bit so that I can hold it.

Try using apples too! They are softer...

See what I did with this one? I can hold it from the back.

There. Apple classic.

Here they all areeeee!

Store them in the fridge if your not gonna be using them straight away!

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