How to make nonnas special pasta salad

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Here are all the ingredients

Put your pot on the stove and wait until it boils, when your water starts to boil take of the lid and put 500g pasta in the pot

After the pasta is cooked, add 450g tuna while it is hot, Then wait a while for it to cool

Chop five spring onions

Add the spring onion into the bowl

Add in a 100g of Spanish green olives into the bowl

Mix and stir the pasta salad

Chop 250g of cherry tomatoes

Add the cherry tomatoes in the bowl

Chop a handful of basil leaves

Add the basil leaves into the bowl

Pit 100g of black olives

Cut the olives you pitted

Add them in the bowl

Add 1/4 of balsamic vinegar In a cup

Add 1/4 of oil in a cup

Add half a tea spoon of salt

Add half a tea spoon of pepper

Stir until it is mix up

Like this :).

Now demolish the plate and enjoy

A good healthy diet includes a good source of proteins, vitamins and minerals as well as having lots of water, we can also have some fatty foods to balance it out, but not so much of it.

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