How to make grapefruit body scrub

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Take the half of grapefruit and peel it. You could cut it into smaller pieces if you wanted but you don't have to.

Now do the same with the half of the lime and save the peel from that too!

Put your grapefruit and lime into your blender. Blend it until it becomes pure juice.

Here are the skins we have saved! You will want to put them in your liquid mixture and blend those too, as an exfoliator.

Melt the coconut oil, I used about a cup, but you can add however much you would like.

Microwave for about a minuet, sometimes it takes an extra 30 seconds. Once it is in liquid form it's ready to be added.

This is what you should have so far with the coconut oil added. (It will be very runny at this point)

Add sugar. I ended up using two cups cause I like the exfoliation of the sugar.

Now add your peels in with the sugar. Blend it all up! It should still be kinda runny, add more sugar if desired.

Finally poor it in a jar and let it sit for like a half hour! The coconut oil will harden again and make it the perfect consistency and it smells incredible :) thanks for watching my guide :)

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