How to makea matcha green tea manicure

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Sift your David's Tea Matcha Matsu through a powder strainer to ensure there are no lumps.

Make a teeny tiny funnel out of paper and masking tape.

Carefully spoon the matcha powder into your bottle of white nail polish. Shake well. Add a few drops of nail polish remover. Shake some more. ... Keep shaking. The shade is up to you!

Paint onto your nails! The matcha polish looks chalky and matte and dries in a soft green.

Once you add topcoat, the colour darkens and brightens.

Add your details. I call this look my Matcha Latte.

Go a little crazy with the details if that's your thing. I ground up David's Tea "Coffee Cake" loose leaf and patted it on while the polish was still wet.

Make a sweet logo.

And enjoy!

Watch the video: Japanese Chado Matcha Green Tea Ceremony #TeaStories. TEALEAVES

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