How to use your fingers to make a rainbow loom bracelet

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Grab your bands and clips!

Pick out 1 band and twist around your pointy and middle finger.

Add another 1...this time don't twist ;)

And another...

Grab the bottom 1 ( the one that u twisted ) and bring it up over the top of all of the bands.

Repeat with the other side...

Then put another band on :)

Keep going!

On, and on....

Again and again!

Go until you reach your desired length.

Pull off the extra band.... Mine is the hot pink 1

See! It's gone now :)

Put both of the rubber band loops on your finger ( this just makes it easer to attach the clip ) Make sure you pull tight! :P

Add the clip...

Now, take the end of the bracelet and add the clip 2 it.

Like this ^

All done!!!

Had some fun ;)

Thanks for viewing this guide, and I hope you enjoyed it!!! Have lots of fun! Ü

Watch the video: Inverted Fishtail Loom Band using your Fingers


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