How to make chilaquiles

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You need to peel with your hands the 5 green tomatoes.

(Wash the ingredients) Boil the green tomatoes and chiles in a pot in temperature medium like 5 min... (All)

(Wash it) peel the onion On the cutting board and cut the Onion in slices.

(Wash it) Take off the stem from the green chiles (all).

(Wash it) Cut the cilantro on the cutting board.

Put all ingredients in the blender.

Blend until you see was done liquid ( if it is not liquid can you put one half cup of water).

Empty one third of teaspoon of oil on the frying pan wait 1min... ( medium)

Put the bistec or the eggs on the frying pan and cook. (Make fried egg)

Empty the bag of the chips into the pressure cooker.

Pour green sauce on the chips.

Turn on the stove with the chips wait 5 min... (Low)

Serve the chilaquiles.

Put on the top of the chilaquiles the eggs or the bistec.

Put on the top of the bistec or the eggs cream and cheese.


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