How to make a "be thankful" turkey day banner

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Creat a "Thankful" banner to hang over your mantel for the Holidays.

Create a stencil out of a piece of cardboard.

Cut out the cardboard template and use to cut banner pieces.

Cut 8 pieces if burlap using the cardboard template. I used brown burlap for my banner pieces. You can use any color or even heavy grade paper.

Set your twine, needle and cut outs aside while you heat the glue gun.

Thread twine through the burlap banner pieces with a needle to create a single string with all 8 pieces. If using paper, use a hole punch on each of the top corners to thread the twine through.

Once all 8 pieces are sewn and hanging from the twine, remember to cut extra length on either end to use for hanging or securing.

Glue letters to the banner pieces. One letter at a time.

Hang banner over fireplace (or anywhere). Add larger standing "B" and "E" letters to the mantel to create "be thankful" for the holidays. Can be altered for any holiday, event or party theme.

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