How to make a sweet valentine's day card

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Rip out a page from an old book that you won't miss. I just ripped out the prologue, because that's not too essential.

For the page, please stop and actually read it, because I chose a really gruesome, fighting scene, with words like agony and pain...etc, by accident. It's not very "Valentine".

Cut the page using a ruler until the size is a bit smaller than the front of the card. Here you can see the measurements of mine.

Once you have your page in the appropriate size, go ahead and apply double sided tape/glue.

Carefully attach it on. Gruesome story :(

Measure out and cut the lace trim to fit the height of your card. Cut a little extra just in case.

Apply your double sided tape/glue onto the left hand side of the card.

Here it is attached on, leaving a small part of the lace border hanging off the side.

Cut the extra pieces off the ends.

Using red felt, cut out a heart shape that fits the front.

Sew around the edges using white thread and a needle. This picture shows how big my shape was, but ofcourse your card may not be the same size as mine. The hand stitching doesn't have to be perfect.

Attach the sewed, red felt heart onto the front using adhesive squares.

On pink felt, cut out a smaller heart, and using a tiny pin, secure it onto the red heart. No glueing required! How cute is that?

Optional to make the inside of your card pretty: Scrunch up a paper bag.

Cut out a rectangle to fit the inside of card, as well as leaving room for a border. Using a decorative edge scissor, cut out the border.

Apply double sided tape/glue to the back of the paper.

Glue it onto the inside of your card, where you will be writing, on the right side.

Cut out a piece of lined paper to fit (as seen in photo). Glue it in using the same methods before, and draw designs on it with a red pen.

This is also optional, but is a very sweet addition. You can add a bit of scent to the felt heart on the front.

And now your super cute, scented Valentine's Day card is complete! Write a message inside, put it into an envelope, and give it to someone special, after's handmade! 💌

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