How to add fabric to a store bought item

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I teach high schoolers and they love leaving their stuff in my room. I tell them it will be used to craft if not claimed. One donated several running jackets for me to use!

I love thumb holes, so I cut some, about 1.5 inches long on both sleeves and did a quick blanket stitch.

Make sure you have enough fabric for the job! Nothing worse than thinking you do and you don't!

Next take some paper - pattern paper if you have, or the leftover (blank) newsprint. You can get this if you shop and buy breakables, it's the paper they use to wrap it in.

Place it over the part you want to enhance, you need only one paper trace since it will be flipped for the mirror image. Start to carefully cut or pencil pattern. Remember 1/4 seams!

If using paper, one way to trace is to hold the paper up and slide the pencil along the lines below, or to us the seams of the garment to help, of course, cut it out big and make it fit!

Cut out, note any adjustments, and grab fabric.

You may know this, but fold your fabric so you cut two pieces once. That way it will be the same, mistakes and all!

Seam allowance! Always cut big!

Pin and adjust size/cut excess.

Finish both sides, embellish as desired, and wear it everywhere! I have a skirt I'm doing next, what's your project? Love to see it!

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