How to bake melt in the mouth cookies for valentine's

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in a mixer beat the butter with sugar untill fluffy add the spices, the almonds. Mix. Then add the egg. Then the flour. That is all

Prepare all what is needed

Spread the dough between two sheets of cling film. Or the way you want. The dough should b around 1 cm thickness. And put that in the fridge 1 hour min.

After 1 hour put on the oven 180C and start preparing the royal icing. If you are using powder coloring you add it to the icing sugar.

This will b the color of icing

Mix the ingredients until you get a shiny lava consistency not too thick and not too runny. Press a very thin layer on the dough put back in the fridge 15 min to dry the spread the rest of the icing.

Spread the icing cut the hearts. If you don't have a cutter just cut by hand with knife

This dough yield around 25 peices it all depends on the size. The ones I made are around 5-6 cm by 3-4 cm.

Bake in a preheated oven 180C for 20 mins. It will depend on the oven and the thickness of the dough.

Cool on a wire rack.. Or something similar

Or you can mix the coloring with the dough

A variation

Few suggestions of forming the dough.


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