How to make a kawaii doughnut plushie

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First, for the pattern, you need to draw two circles like this. It helps to trace something circular, but this is optional.

Now, you need to cut out the pattern.

Next, cut out two pieces of tan felt from your pattern.

Now we need to make the frosting!!

Trace the pattern you made previously onto paper.....

and cut it out!

Draw a squiggly line where you would like your frosting to be.

Cut around the squiggly line to create your frosting pattern.

Cut out one from a felt color of your choice ( I am using pink for strawberry frosting ).

Now It's time to sew!!!!

Thread your needle with thread that somewhat matches the color of your frosting felt.

Take a doughnut piece and your frosting piece.......

And stitch the frosting on top! ( I used a whip stitch )

Cut out two small circles from black felt. These will be the eyes.

Stitch the eyes onto the doughnut front with black thread. (I used a cross stitch).

Use black thread to stitch on a smile.

Now it's time to sew the pieces together! I will be using a blanket stitch for the rest of this project.

Using tan thread, stitch the front and back together around the inner hole.

Stitch around the outer edge with tan thread, leaving an opening for stuffing.

Add stuffing, and then stitch the opening closed.

Your doughnut is now completed!!!! I hope you found this snapguide helpful. Happy plushie making!!!!!!!

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