How to use your iphone as a computer mouse

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It is very handy to use your iPhone as a mouse, when you're doing a presentation at school with e.g PowerPoint.

Go to App Store

Go to search

Search for Touch Mouse and download

Now that you've downloaded the App, turn on your computer and go on google search

Go to google search

Go to your PC, laptop or w.e and search for "Touch Mouse"

Click on the first link

Click on "Downloads"

Choose your OS!

Mine is MAC OS X, if yours is Windows, choose that.

Download it

Open up the .dmg file or .exe and open it. With windows the setup might be different, but I don't think you'll need a guide to go through it on windows.

Drag it to your desktop

Double click on the Touch mouse icon

Click OPEN!

Go back to your iPhone, and go to the "Touch Mouse" app!

Go to the "Touch Mouse" app, and find the server to your laptop!


Now you can use your iPhone as a mouse!

It is now ready for your PowerPoint presentation! Now you don't need to go back and forth, to click on the laptop! BTW I'M LEARNING CHINESE, SO THE GRAMMAR MIGHT BE WRONG! - It means: My life.

Touch Mouse is definitely not the best out there, but it works! Twitter:@neklasd

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