How to make scottish eggs

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Boil eggs your desired way

I used a pot and a thermometer today instead of the fryer

Here is my pot with my oils and thermometer attached I did not have enough oil so I used crisco to fill my pan with an inch and half deep of oils

Peel eggs

Breading station: flour, 1 beaten egg, bread crumbs. salt and pepper in the flour mixture

First roll the eggs in the flour mixture

Then cover them in sausage. Centimeter thick.

Then coat each egg with the beaten egg and the bread crumbs pat the eggs to make sure the crumbs are sticking

Here is the slotted spoon and paper bag I am using to strain the eggs

thermometer reads 375*

Always protect your skin when working with hot oil

Remove the thermometer when the oil is up to temp, allow to cool before washing.

Drop the eggs in all at once and fry for 5 minutes

Remove with the slotted spoon and let cool on the plate

Finished and ready to eat sprinkle with a little salt on the yolk!

Watch the video: Classic Scotch Eggs - Easter Treat

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