How to do galaxy nail art

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You will need: a base coat, black, purple, white, pink, yellow, green, dark blue, sparkle polish, a top coat and a makeup sponge. Did ya get all that?!

Start off with a base coat to protect your natural nails.

Paint your nails black. I'm using a sparkly black to help add to the "stars".

Sponge on dark, sparkly purple in the areas where your nebulas will be.

Sponge on white for your nebula base.

Add some yellow and pink to add more color and space.

Sponge on dark green to add even more color.

Lastly, take some dark blue and sponge around the nebula to create more dimension. Add a sparkly top coat to add "stars" and you're finished!

End with a top coat to add shine and keep your design from chipping.

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Watch the video: Galaxy Nails - Step by Step Tutorial

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