How to do a successful push up

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MODIFIED PUSH UP ON KNEES. Start i good alignment shoulders over wrists and spine neutral with gaze between hands. Make sure knees are behind hips

STEP 2 Bend elbows and lower breast bone and pubic bone at the same time. Only go as low as you can keep good form. Pay attention that you keep the head in lune with spine not dropped forward.

WALK OUTS. Start on all fours. This exercise will help create endurance and form in high plank.

STEP 2 Hover knees off mat without changing your spinal alignment. Keep eyes gazing between hands.

STEP 3. Walk each leg one at a time to a high plank. Try not to move shoulders back when legs walk back they stay directly over wrists.

STEP 4. Both legs straighten and you will be in high plank. Check your back isn't sagging, head isn't dropped with gaze down." Quads strong.

STEP 5. Walk legs back to hover trying not to lift bum or change spinal alignment.

STEP 5. Hover then repeat. Focus on belly awY from floor and exhaling in walk put and inhaling on way in.

FULL PUSH UP. Once you have accomplised wLk outs 10 reps and modified push ups 15 reps attempt full push up. Start in a high plank.

STEP 2. Bend elbows and lower only to where form is maintained. Breast bone and pubic bone lower at same time. Do as many as you can and add a few reps each day .

Good luck :)

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