How to forward your meetings from your iphone

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I've been waiting long for a good app that I can manage my meetings using my iPhone. Especially, my needs to forward my meetings or replying to attendees.

I wanted a simple app that is straight forward, intuitive and similar to the native calendar app I’m used to.

So I decided to build a new iPhone app from scratch... and now sharing it w/you. I hope it will be helpful for you as well

The app is called ReplyAll. It’s designed for iOS 7 and similar to the native calendar app. It not only allow you to reply or forward your meetings, but have additional guides...

such replying w/custom messages or replying by SMS...

Very easy to use… open the app, search through the events and either tap long on the one you want to forward or tap short to go to the details screen.

Tap Forward, Reply or Reply All similarly to your office calendar or use the action icon for more options.

Searching mechanism is very useful for me as I can search for event by location, title, attendees or organizer.

You can also use it to dial to conference call w/predefined numbers or by letting the app to pick the sequence number from the event.

This is a great app to fill the gap with the inability of the native calendar app allowing users to simply forward their meetings or replying. Enjoy!


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