How to drawa dream catcher

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First you will need to draw two circles like these they don't have to be perfect.

Then you will add diagonal lines all around. Like so.

For the next step you must learn how to draw something like a rope.

You will draw a rope on the outer part of the dream catcher. If you have any marks inside erase them. At the end it will look like this.

They you will draw four ovals

And then four more to have a total of eight ovals

Then you will add your beads.

Then you will draw beads on the bottom of the dream catcher.

Draw three strands going down. Make sure the two on the side are the same size. The one in the middle should be longer.

In the middle of each strand add a bead.

A string Add another bed at the bottom of the strand and adds string at each end.

At the end of each string draw this. It kinda looks like a finger tip

Then inside each tip you will add a little circle

Then you will add little strands on the bottom of each tip

Then you will start to draw your feathers

Here are my feathers all finished

Then you can add little strand this is optional

Then you can add some shading I am going to add a bit more

This is how it looks after all the shading

This is my finished drawing

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