How to create mario themed party

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Print boo's image from the Internet. Cuts and color them to his likeness. Paste on construction paper using glue stick. To string together, use a hole punch. I used ribbon to string them together.

As table decorations, I cut yellow construction paper like stars and drew on eyes. I laid them on the table the day of the party.

I also cut out yellow ovals and filled them in with blk sharpie. Iater stapled them on white streamers over my doorway to create a floating coins effect like in Mario!

I used a large box, added lots of piñata candy and taped shut with two holes at the top for the piñata rope. I later used yellow construction paper to cover it and added a question mark like in Mario

I used 2 boxed cake mixtures to make a large flat cake. I cut it into a shape and iced it with lemon icing. I added yellow food coloring to get the right yellow. I added candy tins from party city.

Final look

Final look

Final look

I happen to find this for the birthday boy at target.

Use rope to string piñata outside and let the candy fall. Cheap, fun and easy. I started home making our decorations out if necessity- party stores don't seem to sell the classics! Mario forever:)

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