How to know when to use the restroom during a movie

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You're watching a movie in a theater. You need to use the restroom but you don't want to miss an important scene. What do you do? Now you can know when it's the best time to go.

When I first learned of this I thought it was silly. I mean it falls into the "There's an app for that" joke. But after using this it's actually very useful for movie lovers. Very well thought out.

The service is called The site is free but the app is $0.99. The app has some extra features that can be fun and helpful.

Let's go over the app first. The app could use a facelift but all the features work well. Your first step is to find the movie you'll be watching.

Open the movie and you'll find all it's info and features. The note will let you know how many breaks the movie has and a little overview.

If you missed the first few minutes of the movie. The "Running Late?" section will give you an overview of what you missed.

The app will also describe what you'll miss during your trip to the restroom. They're usually just time filler moments in movies.

The app will also let you know if there are any clips after the closing credits. I like this feature. Sometimes they add bloopers or hints to sequels.

Up until now most of what I've shared can be done with the website. But the app allows you to set a timer to the movie that'll vibrate your phone when a break is coming.

And find all these extra links about the movie you are watching. Post to Facebook, quickly check in and post or read reviews about the movie.

Well I just wanted to pass along the find. A silly name, a silly concept but surprisingly useful app. :) Enjoy!

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