How to cook authentic chiles rellenosen nogada

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Ready to have fun

Put the pecan on water ...

Wash and clean the chiles verdes

High broil them for 3 or 4 min, each side

Go to the oven

Two garlics cut small squares

One onion cut littles squares


Think they are ready... Need to toast both side

Lets put them on a plastic bag to make the skin peel off better.

Let's start to do the meat...

Onion first

Garlic after

You add the cow meat and the pork meat... Now, the pork meat, I need it to chop it in the blender, because couldn't find ground pork meat.

Add a little of water, like a 3/4 of a cup, just so the meat does not burn. And let it cook for 5 min.

Then... Lets spicy it up, Good, starting with ground pepper.

Bay leaves... Give a great taste to the meat. Add two or three leaves.

Oregano, just add a little bit ... It is too strong, but it will give taste also. Remember LITTLE BIT-

My favorite, Garlic powder, Yea! Ok, ok just add a little bit.. Ok ( some people doesn't like Garlic).

This sauce Worcestershire, will make the meat moist and tasty.

And of course - quoa- quooaaa! Chicken Bouillon, dont be so crazy about, just add a little bit.

Sea salt...

A then the wonder of life, - Butterrr-

And dont forget to put a 1/2 half of a can of tomato sauce. After that, mix all together, then taste the food, when is good, then let continue...

Add a cup of little square potatoes....

Here come the sisters of joy, one peach, one apple, one pear, cut it in little squares.

Aahh.. Dont forget raisin...

All together. Don't worry the fruit will Shrink when it is cooked.

Some hand full of fresh pecans. - Mix it all together leave it for a 5 min or little bit more, then put it on the side in a low burner.

Meanwhile lett's take the chiles verde out of the plastic bag. - one by one-

You see this is ready to be peel off, this process is going to be quick and easy, BUT HERE'S a CHEF TIP...

First the Dont's: Do not touch it to much, put it in your palm to rest and Do not wash it.

Then kindly pinch it, to peel off, the most that you can, turn it around and do the same.

Picture sample.

You see, nice and clean, - the reason you peel off the skin is because is not good for your digestion system and also a courtesy for our client or guest.

Now, let do the fried topping for the chiles... On a bowl 5 egg whites, on other the five yolks.

First mix the egg whites

Then add the yolks and continue... Till is fluffy

Lets start the process ... Open the chile and

Get all the seeds out- much as posible-

Put a cheese bar -any cheese-

Then put the meat, much that you can in.

Close it


The next step is easy as 1-2-3: put the chile in the flour then

Get a bath of the egg whites...

With a little olive oil, fried the chile, both side

Presto! (Tip: Don't use to much oil, to fried them. )


Now to make the cream sauce: First get the pecan from the water, dry them, put it all in the blender with a 3/4 of cup of milk, continue...

Add a little bit of salt, a teaspoon of sugar and 1/4 or more of the philadelphia cheese, add liquid cream and blender all together ( philadelphia heat it up over the micro to be soft)

Pomegranate, peel it off, kindly or your going to squeeze the seed from their juice.

Here are the three element to finish it up. TIP: the cilantro, please always put it on water and some drops of white vinegar to clean it, for at least ten mins.

Ooouh Yea. Good to go. ( a quick tip, put the nogada sauce on the chile verde and put it on the microwave to heat it up, and then decorated with the cilantro and the pomegranate - ready to be server.)


Thank you for your reviews. "Cook and have fun" Noe - . 😃😃...😳😳...

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