How to make paper plate dia de los muertos masks!

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Start by drawing 2 intersecting lines in the middle of your plate. (*All examples are intentionally 'off' a little, so we could discuss how to adapt to mistakes in process!)

Next, draw another 'X' (here, in blue to show location). You should now have what looks like 8 slices of pie!

(Red) Trace the groove that goes around the middle of the plate, go through 6 of your slices. After, add a little curved line (green) to both ends-- these will be your exaggerated cheekbones!

To add the jawbone/teeth area, draw a straight line coming down from the end of each of those 2 small curves you made in the last step. Here, the steps for your skull are all shown in red.

Cut out the bottom left and right quarters of the plate, along he skull line you traced in the last step. Leave the top, so you can make a hat or crown of roses! Go ahead and tape your Stick on!

Ok, flip it over. This should be what you have so far! Now the fun part...decorate it! :-) Remember: teeth go down in the bumpy section of the plate. Will yours wear a hat or a crown of roses?

Here are 2 examples showing the basic faces & top-of-head options. Notice, for the hat, a little more of the plate was trimmed off!

Student example. This student chose no hat or roses! He did a 'simple' skull, by cutting the ruffled part of the plate off (except for the teeth area).

A brightly colored señor in his sombrero!

This student decided to add guitars to her mask! (She loved the music of Mexico that we listened to as we worked!)

Wow! This student used markers to make hers bright! She also noticed how the real masks are typically very symmetrical, and incorporated that.

Okay, so we all know Frida had a bit of a mustache...but this student chose to REALLY emphasize it! She added a crown of roses, marigold petals around the eyes, and a big red lipsticked smile!

A small display of masks, a drawing of a mask, and a related cartoon drawing of Frida. ;-)

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