How to make creamy whipped mashed potatoes

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Wash and peel your potatoes!

Cut them into equal cubes and give them a rinse to wash off some excess starch!

In a pot, cover the potatoes with water and add some salt. Let this boil on high heat for about 15 minutes!

You'll know they're done when you stick a knife through the middle and the potato breaks in half. Strain the water and move to a bowl!

Prepare your ingredients! 1/2 cup warm milk, 1 tablespoon of softened butter, and salt & pepper to taste!

The warm milk and softened butter help with the creaminess of the final product. Use a mixer and blend blend blend!

Keep going until those lumps are gone!


Serve however you like or eat it by itself! I ate mine with a steak, steamed carrots, and some sriracha honey lime brussel sprouts (there's a guide for those too!) I hope you enjoyed! 🍴

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