How to use a frother for more than coffee

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Frothers are in every store. I found this inexpensive one at Target and I'm having so much fun with it.

See how these are only marketed for coffee?! Not true. I think manufacturers and coffee shops are missing a great thing.

To make egg nog froth, pour 1/8 cup of egg nog into the bottom of the frother. Just enough to flavor the milk.

Add skim milk to take the level of the liquid up to the fill line (about 1/3 cup).

Begin frothing. I'm using the no heat setting for this one since this version will be served cold. Frothing takes about 1 minute.

Done! Its ready when the frother stops automatically. (Any flavored milk can be frothed as long as skim milk remains the primary ingredient. Skim milk froths thicker and higher than whole milk.)

You can see the froth as I'm pouring it into the cup.

I've topped this frothy nog with cinnamon. Very festive for winter time--not to mention very low in fat. You can drink this or use it as a beverage topper.

Here I've used cold egg nog froth to top egg nog tea over ice. Very special iced tea with just a hint of nog.

Here we're frothing chocolate flavored skim milk using the heat setting for hot chocolate froth.

Here's hot cocoa ready for the chocolate froth.

Top the hot cocoa with the hot chocolate froth and enjoy.

🎁🎁🎁 While shopping for a frother, I noticed two basic designs: removable base for easier cleaning, and a non removable base which is this one making it less expensive. The base must be kept dry.

Other ideas: 🍓strawberry milk froth for topping white hot chocolate🍥. Skim milk spiked with sweetened condensed milk and vanilla for a sweet vanilla froth.

Watch the video: IKEA Milk Frother. Making Latte Art at Home My First Attempt!

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