How to make easy spring rolls

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These are chopped vegetables and hot dog. The batter for the wrappers is in d bowl consisting flour, water and salt. It is runny but thick enough to slightly coat a spoon...

MAKE THE FILLING:Stir fry the chopped vegetables, onions and hotdogs in some vegetable oil. Add spices to taste.

MAKING THE WRAPPERS: using a nonstick pan nd low heat,pour batter(about 1 dishing spoon) and spread around d pan by tilting slightly. Turn d wrapper to other side when edges begin to curl up. (30s)

WRAP THE FILLING IN THE WRAPPERS: scoop a tablespoon of filling into a wrap. Fold as you desire, make sure to seal properly.

FRY THE WRAPPED SPRING ROLLS: deep fry them till they are brown or golden brown... Depends on your taste really! READY TO SERVE!!!!

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