How to make eggnog french toast

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Pour eggnog in a bowl and soak your bread in it. No need to add eggs.

In a buttered skillet, fry each side until brown.

I topped it with maple syrup. Tastes delicious!

Let's do the recipe again with a twist... You can add cinnamon and nutmeg to the eggnog.

Soak the bread in the cinnamon and nutmeg mixture.

Top with Panko bread crumbs prior to frying. These crumbs make French toast a gourmet dish with a candied crispness.

Not all bread crumbs are alike. I recommend Panko because it is designed to not absorb moisture and stays crispy while cooking.

Here the bread is cooked with the Panko bread crumbs. They have a light crispness in every bite almost like candy.


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