How to bottle feed a baby

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First off you need a good reliable water source. You can either buy baby water in the store, or if your doctor says its okay to use your city water then go that route. I use my city water...

but I first BOIL it for 1 Full minute, let it cool, then store it. If you are going to feed formula than this "baby brezza" is a must! It constantly keeps the water at 95-98 degrees.

We use Similac Advanced but we have used Enfamil and a few other brands with our other children. Enfamil actually mixed the best with room temperature water. Use the best agreeing formula for a baby.

The new Similac bottles work best for us. The nipples are more life like, the bottles vent, and it comes with a mixer. Use what pleases you and your baby!

Fill up your bottle to the amount of water your child would need for formula. I use 6 ounces for my baby. Babies will eat until they are full. DO NOT add cereal to their formula until a doctor allows.

For every 2 ounces of water it will take 1 scoop of formula. This is pretty standard across all formulas. You just take a scoop, tap the excess formula off the top. Do not pack the formula.

Always fill the bottle up before you add formula. If you add formula first then water, it will clump under the water. Adding it on top allows for better mixing.

Place the scoop somewhere easy to reach without getting formula all over your fingers. Similac has a scoop holder. I really hate reaching into formula it gets my fingers all sticky.

Now the bottle is ready to go, get your hungry baby comfortable. I always start the bottle at the side of the mouth. Kinda let's them know "I'm here, chill out, you have a bottle!"

If you can't get them to latch onto the bottle to feed, then place a finger under the chin and gently give pressure to close the jaw around the nipple. Sometimes just a gentle rub will be enough!

Continue feeding the baby in the same fashion after burping. Every few ounces or so give them a burp. When you are all done, your baby will be happy and satisfied!

Please be respectful to the fact my wife and I decided to bottle feed. A few of the comments turned this simple guide into a debate for breast feeding. Remember this is simply a guide.

My cubs...updated picture of my boys. The baby in the guide is the dude standing on the left! :)

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