How to make carrot bombs;)

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All you needs are here.

First step is cutting out the walnut with a robot.but ıt shouldnt be powdered also :)

Then,crumble one and half pact petibör biscuits,add 1 small spoonful of cinnamon and walnuts.

Grate 1kilogram carrots,add 1 glass sugar in it.cook it until there is no carrot juice.after this, wait for cool down. İf its cold enough,you can mix carrots and what we did i n the previous step

Add 50gram margarine to the mixture and knead all of them with your hands.ıts the easiest way ı think ;)

Do it like a ball:) ıts enjoyable,isnt it :)

Finally,Spill the chocolate souce over the balls.ı prefer buying prepared chocolate souce,but you can make it yourself :)

Its so easyy,try it,you will never regret;) enjoy the carrot bombs!

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